Diamond Keratome 3.0mm Angled

Item #: K2-6581

Keratome shaped blade

Keratome shaped blade
Complementary Items
Flexible Iris Retractors Set Of 6

6 reusable retractors in autoclavable case; 10mm long bright blue micro hooks

Item #: K3-4970

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Fine-Thornton Fixation Ring 13mm

Swivel fixation ring with blunt teeth

Item #: K3-6161

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Castroviejo Forceps 0.12mm

1x2 teeth with tying platform

Item #: K5-2500

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Utrata Capsulorrhexis Forceps

Stainless steel forceps, 11mm long shanks.

Item #: K5-5081

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Ernest Nucleus Cracker

Extra delicate cross-action serrated paddle shaped jaws; for cracking the nucleus through a 2.5mm incision

Item #: K5-7240

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Chang Hydrodissection Cannula Standard

Flat tip, angled at 90 degrees with beveled opening, 27 gauge

Item #: K7-5464

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