Your essential partner in restoring sight.

We aspire to be the global leader in high-quality ophthalmic devices and surgical products essential to clinicians at every step along the patient’s sight restoration pathway.

Katena - A legacy of high quality products

A legacy of high quality products

Our devices and surgical products are grounded in high quality and leading edge innovation, and we continue to build upon this heritage.

Katena - A legacy of high quality products

An expanded focus on patient care.

In the pursuit of advancing patient eye care and the improvement of vision outcomes, we are expanding our product offering to support clinicians at every stage in the restoration of sight.

AmbioDisk has more desirable nutrients
others don't possess.

Only Ambio allografts with Clearify Technology retains all three layers of native amniotic membrane, including the intermediate later, providing a more robust biostructure.

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Restoring sight every step of the way.

We aspire to be the global leader in high-quality ophthalmic devices and surgical products essential to clinicians at every step along the patient’s sight restoration pathway.

Introducing our New CTAK Instrument Set

A set of specialized instruments, tailored for accurate marking, dissection, tissue implantation and manipulation during the CTAK (Corneal Tissue Addition Keratoplasty) procedure.

Your partner in maintaining and restoring sight.

Our products are grounded in high quality and leading edge innovation, and we continue to build upon this heritage.

Reusable Instruments

Single-Use Instruments

Microsurgical Knives


Corneal Transplant Devices

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Corza Medical. A new name in eye care built from trusted legacy brands.

Our history in Ophthalmology dates back nearly five decades, when Katena was founded. Since then, we have added on well known eye care brands such as AmbioDisk, ASICO, Barron, Blink, EagleVision, SensorTek, Sharpoint, and more.

Trusted Performance

Our products are the result of years of experience championing surgeons and listening to their expertise.

Katena Reusable Instruments

Our leading brand of high-quality reusable ophthalmic instruments grounded in leading edge innovation.

Barron Corneal Devices

The premium quality benchmark for corneal transplant devices for the last 7 decades.

EagleVision Punctum Plugs

A global leader in punctum plugs for the last 4 decades.

Remarkable Service

A seamless, personal experience designed around customers.

Dedicated Customer Service

Our Parsipanny, NJ based customer service team is here to support you via email, phone, or fax.

Ecommerce Ordering

Shop online for more than 3,000 products. Build quotes, compare products, and place orders 24/7.

Center of Technology and Innovation

Our brand new state-of-the-art St. Louis facility expands our research and development capabilities.

Outstanding Value

Beyond our products, our unique and premier programs are designed to ensure your success. 

Blink Single-Use Kits

Custom packs are personalized solutions that bring together a carefully curated selection of medical devices necessary for specific procedures.

ACT Program

Our industry-leading Assess-Correct-Tune (ACT) program helps facilities better maintain their value reusable instruments.

Medical Education

Our dedicated Medical Education team supports our customers globally via wet labs, in-services, and resident training programs.

Now, as a part of Corza Medical, Sharpoint is a brand that is recognized globally for sharpness, consistency, and a variety of designs. With continued investment in new products such as Sharpoint Safety Knives, Corza Medical is committed to providing surgeons globally with the best choices in knives for years to come.

ClearPort™ Paracentesis Knives


ClearPort™ knives are designed to create consistent, accurate and self-sealing paracentesis incisions.

Slit Knives


Sharpoint angled precision slit knives penetrate easily while creating an accurate width incision.

Clear Control 3D Plus Slit Knives


Clear Control 3D Plus slit knives are designed to facilitate instrument insertion through a multi-dimensional incision.

Sharpoint® Stab Knives


Stab Knives are heat-tempered to provide a strong and true point for easy penetration during stab incisions.

Katena founder Kate Tiedemann famously promoted that Katena represented “quality without compromise,” which is still at the core of the Katena brand today. While many aspects of the Katena brand have changed over the last 5 decades, the Katena brand still represents quality, a commitment to excellence, and close surgeon partnership.



Katena choppers are designed to support diverse surgical techniques and preferences.

Diamond Knives


Katena’s Diamond Knives are the embodiment of craftsmanship and reliability.



Katena Forceps have set the standard in ophthalmic instrumentation for nearly 50 years.

Needle Holders


Katena Needle Holders are trusted in one of the most delicate aspects of surgery, suturing.

Over the last two decades, Blink Medical has become widely recognized as a global leader in the manufacturing and supply of single-use ophthalmic instruments and custom packs.

Capsulorhexis Forceps


Blink Capsulorhexis Forceps deliver instrument performance when really needed. Available in various Utrata and Inamura designs with both flat and round handle designs.

Westcott Scissors


Blink Westcott Scissors have a variety of tip forms, as well as being available in straight or curved blade options. The drilled handle design increases grip and reduces the weight of the scissors.

Tying Forceps


Blink Tying Forceps are available in straight, angled and curved options, featuring a drilled handle design for enhanced grip and reduced weight, ensuring improved tactility during use.

Barraquer Wire Speculums


Blink Barraquer wire speculums come in various configurations, including closed loop, open loop, and solid blade options for both temporal and nasal placement.

SensorTek is a brand of reusable and single-use lenses designed to empower healthcare professionals with outstanding optics at an extraordinary value.

Reusable Lenses


The SensorTek Diamond Reusable Lenses feature exceptional optics at an extraordinary value.

Single-Use Lenses


SensorTek Single-use Lenses are a great solution for those who expect perfection in every case. 

Hands-Free Gonio


Hands-free design allows for bi-manual techniques and direct viewing of the angle during MIGS procedures.

20D Lens


The 20D lens offers exceptional small pupil performance and low image distortion.

Corza in Our Community

We are proud to support life changing causes here at Corza. Be that through partnerships, product donations or events, we are thankful that we get the opportunity to help where we can.

Envision Partnership

We are proud to partner with Envision - an organization that creates opportunities for individuals living with visual impairments.

Product Donations

We are proud to support philanthropic trips via the donation of product. Trips like Dr. Greenwald's recent trip to Kenya help retain and restore sight for people who otherwise would be without care.

Community Events

Together as a business and as a community, we are proud to support fantastic causes like Orbis through company events such as the UK Mount Snowden Climb.

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