Jameson Caliper

Item #: K3-9150

Chrome plated brass caliper

Chrome plated brass caliper
Complementary Items
Stern-Gills Capsulotomy Scissors

Extra thin 10mm long blades with sharp tips

Item #: K4-5122

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Colibri Forceps 0.12mm Teeth

Very delicate, 1x2 teeth, 0.12mm

Item #: K5-1500

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Ernest Nucleus Cracker

Extra delicate cross-action serrated paddle shaped jaws; for cracking the nucleus through a 2.5mm incision

Item #: K5-7240

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Ernest-McDonald IOL Inserter

IOL inserting forceps with straight 5mm jaws, low profile and unique cross-action; for thin silicone IOLs

Item #: K5-8228

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Simcoe Irrigating-Aspirating Cannula Curved

15mm long, 0.3mm diameter aspiration port, front opening irrigation port, 23 gauge thin wall; for aspiration through tubing hub and irrigation through luer-lock hub

Item #: K7-4300

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