Girard Forceps 0.12mm Right

Item #: K5-2900

1x2 teeth, 0.12mm with tying platform

1x2 teeth, 0.12mm with tying platform
Complementary Items
Ambio2® Amniotic Membrane - 1.5 x 2cm

1.5 x 2cm dehydrated amniotic membrane surgical graft used for the surgical regeneration of ocular surface tissues and cells

Item #: AD-5120

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Lieberman Speculum Solid Large

Thin, solid blades with non-reflective finish

Item #: K1-5678

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Flieringa Rings Set Of 8

Scleral Fixation Ring; set of 8, 15mm-22mm diameter

Item #: K1-7100

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Rich Micro Transplant Scissors Right

Corneal transplant scissors with extremely delicate, strongly curved blades; for trimming the recipient corneal bed and donor button; can also be used for open sky anterior capsulotomy

Item #: K4-2014

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Tennant Tying Forceps Curved

Round handle with guide pin featuring extra delicate, smooth jaws and 6mm long platform; for 9-0 to 11-0 sutures

Item #: K5-5230

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