Buratto LASIK Flap Forceps

Item #: K5-5058

Disc-shaped, serrated jaws

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Disc-shaped, serrated jaws

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K-Sponge® II Spears (100 total)

Sterile, disposable (5 sponges per pouch, 20 pouches per box); synthetic sponge (PVA), triangular shaped and mounted on blue plastic handle; recommended for corneal surgery

Item #: K20-5010

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Fukasaku LASIK Spatula

Rounded anterior and flat posterior surface with dissecting tip

Item #: K3-2530

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Intralase Flap Lifter Double Ended

Combines a Sinskey Hook and a long, blunt hook

Item #: K3-2538

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Buratto LASIK Irrigating Cannula 23 gauge

One front and two side ports; designed for equal flow in three directions

Item #: K7-5118

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