Katena Reusable Instruments

Founded in 1975, Katena Premium Reusable Instruments is the brainchild of Kate Tiedemann. Kate left post-World War II Germany in 1955 hardly knowing English with very little resources . Over the course of the next two decades, Kate worked incredibly hard and eventually progressed into the medical device industry , working for three different micro-surgical instrument companies, before founding Katena (short for Kate North America).

In the early days of Katena, Kate partnered with surgeons and instrument makers to deliver surgical instruments that transitioned and advanced ophthalmic surgery to hew heights. Kate drove ophthalmic surgical instruments quality to new levels and famously promoted that Katena represented “quality without compromise,” which is still at the core of the Katena microsurgical instrument brand today.

While many aspects of the Katena brand have changed over the last 5 decades, the Katena brand still represents a commitment to excellence, High Quality and close surgeon partnerships.

Learn more about how we’re carrying out Kate’s commitment to quality and surgeon-driven innovation through each Katena product category below.