Green Muscle Hook

Item #: K3-6850

Complementary Items
Lieberman Speculum Solid Small

Thin, solid blades with non-reflective finish; ideal for infants and small children

Item #: K1-5677

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Westcott Stitch Scissors

Curved, standard blades with very sharp pointed tips

Item #: K4-4100

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Helveston Fixation Forceps With Lock

1x2 teeth, 0.6mm; for globe fixation during strabismus procedures

Item #: K5-2556

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Barraquer Needle Holder Curved With Lock

Curved needle holder with lock.

Item #: K6-3520

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Bishop-Harmon Anterior Chamber Irrigator

Includes 19 gauge angled cannula, adaptor and blue silicone bulb

Item #: K7-5000

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