Gradle Cilia Forceps

Item #: K5-6100

Smooth jaws

Smooth jaws
Complementary Items
Kratz-Barraquer Speculum Large

Open blades; for unobstructed access to the cataract incision with phaco or I/A tip

Item #: K1-5050

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Dressing Forceps Delicate Curved

Serrated, delicate

Item #: K5-4010

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Suture Removal Forceps #5A

Very fine pointed tips with textured jaws; ideal for grasping wet sutures

Item #: K5-6575

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Francis Chalazion Forceps

Oval, 14x11mm inner diameter

Item #: K5-9600

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Castroviejo Lacrimal Dilator

Double-end, fine and medium taper

Item #: K7-2300

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