Brierley Nucleus Splitter

Item #: K3-2380

Angled shaft

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Angled shaft
Complementary Items
Katena Double-X Speculum K-Wire

Item #: K1-5691

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Harms-Colibri Forceps Long

Very delicate, 1x2 teeth, 0.12mm with tying platform

Item #: K5-1902

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Giannetti MICS Capsulorrhexis Forceps Round Handle

Ultra delicate shanks and tips with maximum jaw opening of 1.75mm; for performing capsulorrhexis through an incision smaller than 1.75mm

Item #: K5-5090

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Chang Hydrodissection Cannula Standard

Flat tip, angled at 90 degrees with beveled opening, 27 gauge

Item #: K7-5464

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Needle Holder, Curved, Without Lock, Delicate, Titanium

Curved without a lock, Delicate Jaws, Titanium

Item #: 05-1038

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Westcott Tenotomy Scissors Curved, Right 5 1/4"

Curved, standard blades with blunt tips, Right 5 1/4"

Item #: 08-03111

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Maloney Nucleus Rotator

Double Ended

Item #: 08-07156

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Max Fine Tying Forceps Curved

Item #: 11-6009

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