Barron Corneal Devices

Barron Precision Instruments, originally known as Precision Instruments, has accumulated over 70 years of expertise in the production of disposable medical devices from its base in Grand Blanc, Michigan.

Today Barron Corneal Devices are recognized globally as the premium quality benchmark for corneal transplant devices. Barron products are available globally from Corza Medical, alongside other premium ophthalmic brands such as Katena, SensorTek, EagleVision, AmbioDisk, and Blink. We provide our customers with the solutions to enable them to provide unparalleled care for their patients.


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Why choose Barron Artificial Anterior Chamber Maintainer?

The innovative Artificial Chamber Maintainer is used in conjunction with the Barron Vacuum Trephine for creating either lamellar or full penetrating corneal grafts, providing the utmost levels of quality to your procedures. By utilizing the combination of both products, a healthcare professional can cut the donor cornea from the epithetial side, creating an angle of cut that more closely aligns with the angle of cut created by the trephine and reduces the risk of surgically induced astigmatism.

The Artificial Chamber Maintainer has two ports with pinch clamps for infusing viscoelastic, BSS or air to recreate the natural curvature of the cornea. Viscoelastic is used to protect the endothelial cells on the underside of the cornea.

  • Designed to hold a 14–18mm diameter scleral rim in place during corneal surgery
  • Bright blue color provides a contrasting background for visualization of the cornea.


*Stainless steel base supplied separately on code K20-2126

Why choose Barron Donor Punches?

We offer state-of-the-art Barron donor punches, meticulously designed for precision in corneal surgeries, cutting the donor cornea tissue for corneal transplant procedures. Our micro honed solid stainless steel blade ensures and ultra-sharp, clean cutting edge, revolutionizing the way you perform procedures.

The open-top design enhances visualization of cornea placement in the cutting block, while the four steel guideposts at the corners guarantee accurate alignment to the center of the donor cornea. Plus, with four small holes in the base of the cutting block that can be inked, identifying the four quadrants of the cornea for suture alignment has never been easier. Experience precision in your corneal procedures with our innovative donor punches.

  •  Available in 14 sizes ranging from 6.0mm to 9.5mm.
  •  Provided fully assembled and sterile single packed, ready to use.
  •  The latest Donar alignment punches have a circular laser etched marking to indicate areas cut by the trephine blade.

Why choose Barron Radial Vacuum Trephines?

Our radial vacuum trephines are designed to provide additional stability and accuracy between the outer suction ring and cutting trephine blade by using radial suction chambers. The 16 radial chamber dividers leave a symmetrical pattern on the anterior corneal surface that can be subsequently dried using a cellulose sponge and marked with a sterile gentian violet marker marked to support even suture alignment. They also boast a smooth rotating mechanism which advances the blade 250 microns per full rotation, while fine cross hairs provide accurate alignment with the visual axis for the recipient.

  •  Available in 11 sizes ranging from 6.0mm to 9.0mm.
  •  Provided fully assembled and sterile single packed, ready to use.