Punctum plugs

  • What are the most common sizes?

    The most common size plugs are the 0.6mm and 0.7mm.

  • How do I determine which size plug is appropriate?

    You should gauge both patient’s puncta prior to choosing which size plug(s) to use. Corza Ophthalmology offers the Coroneo Punctal Gauge part number 2040.

  • How do I insert a punctum plug?

    After you have gauged the patient’s puncta and determined the appropriate size plug, use the dilation tip to dilate the puncta. Rotate the inserter/dilator 180 degrees and insert the plug into the puncta using a slight rotating motion. When the plug is in the puncta and the rim of the plug is seated flush with the lid margin, depress the release trigger to leave the plug-in place.

  • How do I remove a plug?

    Remove the plug using fine forceps (i.e. fine curved or jeweler’s type forceps). Grasp the plug around the vertical shaft below the rim and gently apply traction until the plug exits the puncta. For further information please refer to the instruction video. Watch the video here.