• Can the lenses be sold individually?

    Corza Ophthalmology sells both reusable and single-use lenses. The single-use lenses are sold in boxes of 10.

  • What material is used for the optics?

    PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate).

  • May these lenses be used for laser applications?

    All lenses commonly used for lasering have the necessary coatings including an anti-reflection coating.

  • Will a laser damage the lens when used for a therapeutic procedure?

    No. All lenses that are appropriate for laser procedures have the proper coatings.

  • Can I reuse these single-use lenses?

    No. Single-use lenses are not supported for reuse.

  • Can I disinfect or re-process the reusable aspheric lenses for use in the OR?

    No. The reusable bi-aspheric lenses are non-contact lenses designed for use in the clinic. A lens cloth is supplied to remove dust and fingerprints. Per the Instructions for Use (IFU), the lenses can be cleaned with mild soap and water if required.

  • What would happen to the reusable lens if I re-sterilize it?

    The materials used for the optics of our lenses are not designed for heat sterilization and will deform if autoclaved. The use of harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners will deteriorate the optic’s coatings and mirrors.

  • Do you have a Swan-Jacob lens for the OR?

    Yes. Our surgical gonio prism (K30-1405 for use in left hand, K30-1400 for use in right hand) lens is the equivalent to a Swan-Jacob lens.

  • The reusable lenses feel lighter in weight. Why is that?

    The material for the optics is PMMA. This material is lighter than traditional glass lenses.

  • What lens should I use for: PRP, SLT, MIGS?

    • The Lens Used for PRP is Retina 200 (K30-1330).
    • The lens used for SLT is single mirror lens (K30-1015 or K30-1020 with handle).
    • The lens used for MIGS is surgical gonio prism (K30-1405 for use in left hand, K30-1400 for use in right hand) or the single mirror lens (K30-1015 or K30-1020) with handle.