Sharpoint Knives

The Sharpoint story began in 1969 when brothers William and Rolf Schmidt co-founded Sharpoint, Inc. The brothers developed the technology that would set the standard for producing ultra-sharp, premium ophthalmic surgical knives and blades. Now, as a part of Corza Medical, Sharpoint is a brand that is recognized globally for sharpness, consistency, and a variety of designs. With continued investment in new products such as Sharpoint Safety Knives, Corza Medical is committed to providing surgeons globally with the best choices in knives for years to come.

Exceptional blades for a remarkable surgical experience

  • Ultra-sharp for high precision surgery.
  • Bevel geometries engineered to reduce tissue drag and distortion.
  • Wide assortment of guarded and non-guarded knives to meet each surgeon's preferences and requirements.

Advanced safety design with exceptional blade sharpness for a remarkable surgical experience

Sharpoint Safety Knives were developed based on input and feedback from surgeons and operating room staff. These healthcare professionals identified key risks with traditional guarded knives - risks that put technicians especially at risk.

Corza Medical is redefining safety in ophthalmic surgery with Sharpoint Safety Knives, with features including:

  • Retractable Blades with slim no-hood tips - Prevents sharps injuries during handling and allows for superior visualization during use.
  • Clear Housing Design - Protects the blade from inadvertent damage.
  • Single-Handed “No-Look” Locking Blade Activator - Allows for the activation and retraction of the blade with a simple push of the snap lock slider, providing tactile feedback when in locked position.
  • Color Coded Body - Allows quick, accurate identification of blade type.
  • Infinite Edge™ Technology - This proprietary blade etching and electropolishing process produces knives of exceptional sharpness, precision, and consistency.

Why choose Sharpoint Microsurgical Knives?

Sharpoint Microsurgical Knives are designed to satisfy the needs of a full range of ophthalmic surgical procedures. They deliver outstanding precision and control resulting in accurate incisions, exceptional wound architecture and smooth, self-sealing wounds.

Sharpoint Microsurgical Knives offer:

  • Exceptional Sharpness - Sharpoint knives provide an excellent penetration capability with little tissue drag.
  • Wound Architecture - Sharpoint Slit Knives are designed to help achieve well constructed, self-sealing incisions.
  • Proven Consistency - Sharpoint knives have been used for over five decades and have been trusted by physicians globally.