Vannas Scissors Straight
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Item #: K4-5000

5mm long blades with sharp tips



5mm long blades with sharp tips

Complementary Items
Katena Double-X Speculum K-Wire

Item #: K1-5691

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Phaco-4 Diamond Knife 2.8mm Angled

Keratome shaped, angled blade with four cutting edges

Item #: K2-6605

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Chang-Seibel Chopper Left

Double ended instrument, angled shafts, for use in left hand

Item #: K3-2341

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Giannetti MICS Capsulorrhexis Forceps Round Handle

Ultra delicate shanks and tips with maximum jaw opening of 1.75mm; for performing capsulorrhexis through an incision smaller than 1.75mm

Item #: K5-5090

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Akahoshi Combo Prechopper

For cracking, dividing and rotating both hard and soft nuclei without sculpting

Item #: K5-7232

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