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Clear Corneal Phaco Incision Knives

Sharpoint™ Clear Corneal knives feature tapered facet cutting edges designed to compensate for corneal curvature, creating exact linear incisions.

Slit Knives

Sharpoint™ angled, bevel-up precision slit knives penetrate easily while creating an accurate width incision for optimal fit to the phacoemulsification tip.

ClearTrap™ Trapezoid Clear Corneal-Implant Knives, Bevel-Up

Sharpoint™ ClearTrap™ knives feature a trapezoid shape design containing patented incision width indicators visible on each blade. The unique thin blade design and consistent sharpness creates incisions with virtually no tissue drag or distortion.

Clear Control 3D Plus Slit Knives

Sharpoint™ Clear Control 3D Plus slit knives are designed to facilitate instrument insertion through a multi-dimensional incision. Micro bevels are designed to add vertical dimension, placing less stress on wound margins, allowing for instrument insertion