Hofmann-Polack Fixation Forceps Double
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Item #: K5-1566

1mm spread, 1x1 teeth, 0.2mm with guide pin


1mm spread, 1x1 teeth, 0.2mm with guide pin
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Barron Radial Vacuum Trephine 8.0mm

Sterile, disposable; for the recipient cornea; 8.0mm

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Barron Vacuum Punch 8.5mm

Sterile, disposable vacuum punch for the donor cornea

Item #: K20-2110

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Rich Micro Transplant Scissors Right

Corneal transplant scissors with extremely delicate, strongly curved blades; for trimming the recipient corneal bed and donor button; can also be used for open sky anterior capsulotomy

Item #: K4-2014

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Barraquer Needle Holder Curved Without Lock

Stainless steel curved needle holder, featuring delicate jaws, without lock.

Item #: K6-3310

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