Francis Foreign Body Spud
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Item #: K2-4050

Complementary Items
AmbioDisk® Amniotic Membrane - 12mm

12mm diameter sutureless, dehydrated amniotic membrane graft for ophthalmic in-office applications

Item #: AD-5012

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Desmarres Lid Retractor #1

Thin solid blades

Item #: K1-8210

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Meyerhoefer Curette #3

Chalazion Curette

Item #: K3-1030

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Jewelers Forceps #3-C Straight

Delicate, straight

Item #: K5-6520

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Bishop-Harmon Anterior Chamber Irrigator

Includes 19 gauge angled cannula, adaptor and blue silicone bulb

Item #: K7-5000

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