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Botvin Iris Forceps Serrated
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Item #: K5-1040

For peripheral iridectomies

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For peripheral iridectomies

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Iridotomy lens

Designed with a large diameter optic to view/treat structures of the peripheral iris.

Item #: K30-1130

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Lieberman Speculum K-Wire

Adjustable eye speculum with Kratz style open wire blades

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Vannas Scissors Straight

5mm long blades with sharp tips

Item #: K4-5000

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Scissors Straight Horizontal 20 Gauge

Stainless steel construction with autoclavable, serrated plastic handle; 20 gauge shank

Item #: K4-5200

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Scissors Horizontal Straight 20 Gauge

Horizontal, straight, 20 gauge

Item #: K4-5300

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