Barron Radial Vacuum Trephine 8.0mm
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Item #: K20-2058

Sterile, disposable; for the recipient cornea; 8.0mm

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Sterile, disposable; for the recipient cornea; 8.0mm
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Barron Vacuum Punch 8.25mm

Sterile, disposable vacuum punch for the donor cornea

Item #: K20-2109

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Barron Artificial Anterior Chamber

Sterile, disposable, holds a 14-18mm donor corneal graft

Item #: K20-2125

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Steel Base for Artificial Anterior Chamber

Reusable, weighted base for additional stability during dissection; for use with Barron Anterior Chamber (K20-2125)

Item #: K20-2126

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Paton Spatula And Spoon

For corneal button transfer

Item #: K3-4255

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Angled, 7.5mm long tying platforms

Item #: K5-5030

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Geggel Corneal Transplant Marker

One instrument easily marks both the recipient and donor corneas in a single step. Simply suture the dots to achieve a precise and rapid running 24 bite anti torque closure. Special center point provides exact alignment for perfectly symmetrical suture placement.

Item #: 08-12107

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McPherson Tying Forceps

Item #: 10-9008

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