EagleVision Plugs

Corza Medical offers a variety of long-term and short-term punctum plugs, which are tailored to match a wide range of patient needs. At the core of our punctum plug offering is EagleVision.

EagleVision was founded by Jerre Freeman, MD, in 1983. He invented and patented the world’s first punctum plug nine years earlier, in 1974. Driven by excellence, EagleVision has become the brand that is synonymous with punctum plugs across the globe.

Over the last 4 decades, new punctum plug designs have been launched under the EagleVision brand with the goal of improving fit and patient comfort. Plugs under the EagleVision umbrella are long-term punctum plug brands: SuperEagle®, Plug1™, SuperFlex® EaglePlug®, and EagleFlexPlug®. This offering is complemented by our long-term flow control brands that help regulate tear flow: Tapered Shaft Flow Controller and EaglePlug TearFlow. Completing the portfolio are our temporary punctum plug brands, DuraPlug® and Collagen plugs..

In 2016, Jerre Freeman sold EagleVision to Katena, bringing together two of the most trusted brand names in the eye care industry. Now, under Corza Medical, EagleVision continues to be the most trusted brand name in the global punctum plug market.