Custom Ophthalmic Packs

Blink Single-Use Custom Packs offer a myriad of benefits that significantly enhance the dynamics of operating rooms. Our packs elevate efficiency by streamlining procedures, ensuring a seamless workflow, and minimizing the time spent on assembling separate items. Additionally, these custom packs contribute to cost management per procedure, as the pre-configured sets eliminate the need for individual item purchasing.

Time and Cost Savings

Save time and cost by having surgical instruments and components conveniently packaged together. Custom packs significantly reduce preparation time for surgical procedures. Streamline your pre-operative tasks by having everything that you need in one compact, ready-to-use package.

Sterile and Ready for Use

Our custom packs are supplied sterile and ready for immediate use. Single-use packs improve efficiency, lower costs, and allow SPD staff to focus on other tasks.

We provide the highest quality components in every pack. We rigorously assess the quality of all components and pack them in our cleanroom environment. Choose from a wide range of options to create a pack that suits your unique needs.

Control Your Costs

Ensure cost control per surgical procedure while reducing inventory levels. By limiting vendors, the order process is streamlined, contributing to increased revenue and profitability.

A Sustainable Approach

Opt for sustainability with custom packs. Using one pack per procedure reduces packaging waste compared to multiple individually wrapped items.